radio reel


1. NPR - Options Themes

From a radio piece I made for NPR in 2018. It featured archival material I reformatted while working with the Research, Archives, and Data Strategy team.

2. NPR - Whales, A Human History

A concept podcast called "From The Archives" - this piece is a half hour retrospective of NPR's science coverage of whales and whale song.

3. Smithsonian Center for Folklife - Vincent Palumbo

From one of many interviews, narratives, songs, and stories I worked on at the Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections. Open reel tape, metadata, QA… and a few laughs.

4. Smithsonian Folklife Magazine - Universal Capoeira

Capoeira Positioning Environment, Blackness, Gentrification in DC is an audio article written for the Smithsonian Folklife Magazine. Interviews, music, field recordings - lots of important moments.

5. Making Contact - #SayHerName

Making Contact is a weekly radio program that analyzes critical issues in social and environmental justice and showcases grassroots solutions. I worked as music curator for this piece on Yuvette Henderson, and also as field recordist and sound engineer for some other projects on the program.

6. Making Contact - The Electoral College Revisited

Radio production for Making Contact - this is a clip of a call to action I made for an edit of an earlier program, an encore. I also helped standardize the program's podcasting infrastructure.


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? was a show I hosted on UCLA's college radio station. It ran for two years, and featured live performances and interviews with musicians and field recordists.

8. UCLA RADIO - CD DJ Demonstration

Most of the production training sessions I held as Production Manager at UCLA RADIO were in-person - this is a snippet from one of the precious few videos from back then!

9. The Mountain

A fiction poem made for the DC Listening Lounge. A fantasy scene, an ancient living mountain. Field recording, flute, score, sound design, narration, voice… I love this piece.