Working to develop better systems, devices, and spaces

The goal is to build things, real and unreal, that reconnect the human ear to an ancient soundscape literacy.

Here's a talk I gave for lingofest, an online virtual event centered on designing sound and voice for emerging technologies.

Currently in the works are some experimental radio projects, building off the idea that field recordings and electronics can be crafted together with a local soundscape.

On the job

After completing a BA in Ethnomusicology at UCLA's School of Arts and Architecture, I went on to work for NPR and the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage as an analog audio conservator and digital audio storyteller. My goal has been to make sounds accessible, useable, revived.

This last year I've worked as a freelance sound designer - programming video game sounds, scoring contemporary dance.

At a glimpse

Design professional with creative drive, flexibility, commitment, intuition, and a good ear.

Professional experience in digital asset management and workflow optimization. A strong communicator, with experience liaising between technical and non-technical team members and stakeholders.

Interested in user experience, audio programming, speech synthesis + conversation, acoustics, and city planning. We have an opportunity to develop better systems, devices and spaces that work for real people - with care, accessibility, compassion, awareness.

What I'm up to

Currently, I'm taking classes in design, acoustics, and programming.

With every technological advancement, the field of experience sound design evolves. AI for voice synthesis, building with mass timber, quieting streets and skies with electric vehicles, new devices focused on ambient computing - these are all opportunities to redesign interactions to be more sound-aware.

Sound has implications on health, well-being, and community - I'm invested in designing interfaces with intention.